Rail Bridge Muiderberg: Assembly and Relocation

Hey BA!

Recently I finished an informational video about a new rail bridge currently under construction near Amsterdam.
It’s main purpose is to provide people an insight into the process of building such a massive project.

Modeling, Animation and Composition all done in blender


Wow. This is really impressive engineering. I love the modeling aspects as well.

Pretty sweet video, nice job!

Thanks for the replies!

Couple of notes some may find interesting:
The bridge was modeled in Revit, then exported to AutoCAD to preserve instances and coordinates, and better curved solid approximation when imported in 3ds max. last step was getting it to blender through FBX.

The model went through some extensive remodelling in blender, mostly fixing mesh errors common in models derived from CAD.

The SPMT’s carrying the bridge to its destination consist of 252 axles, all with individual ground collision checking, rotation speed and directional tracking. Blender didn’t break a sweat :).