Rail-Mounted SciFi Gatling

(Sersch) #1

A SciFi Gatling I made to improve my hard surface skills a bit. My aim was to mix different techniques and find out what works best in which situation.

(FredHystair) #2

Wow. Top notch modeling. Congrats.

(CG Sky) #3

Looks great! Really nice details! The colors look very good too!

(Nexus6) #4

Really nice work. I love the colour scheme and materials you’ve used. Awesome details, well done

(Ivaylo Gogov [ivaydesign]) #5

Cool looking models!!!

(alanplanes15) #6

Very great modeling and design!

(carstenj) #7


very cool. One little thing I would like to see: Some scratches and/or rust on the yellow metal. It is a little bit to tidy in my opinion.

(CG-Predator) #8

Nice concept.
What does it shoot exactly ???

(CGI Visuals) #9

I love it! Really nice materials, could you please post some pictures of your node setups?

(Sersch) #10

@carstenj: You’re right. I had made a dirtier version but lost the node setup unfortunately.
@CG-Predator: I imagined hot plasma that is stored in the large central barrel. The pipes leading to the top are fueling the movement as well.
@CGI-Visuals: Here you go:

The node setup is rather simple, the complex part is done by the Unreal Engine 4 Shader node setup by Malte Szellas.

(CG-Predator) #11

The design is unpractical - unless good looks is all you were going for.

Rotating chains are on the way of the gun barrels - rather shift the sprockets to the sides and attach the guns the actual barrel.

I would also suggest adding Drag-Chain Wire Carrier along the rail that will allow constant supply of plasma. That plasma - barrel is too small - for prolonged defence anyway.

There are few more things that could be changed, but once again _ I don’t know if design was purely for display.

I really like your modelling though. Clean.

Take care

(foxrender) #12

Totally awesome work, the idea, the modeling, texturing and rendering are amazing.

(craigforster) #13

This is awesome! Great job!