Hi, i have a question if there is a method for modeling a railing with a limited use of memory ,because i’ doing a model and i used the bezier curves as the path and then i made the profile, then i converted curves in mesch and i dont know if i did well.
My computer Dell Precision M60 slows.
Pecause i do different railing and put them in a building that i do, not want the Dell molded locks altogether.
Anyone know if there ia a way to make railings so fast and clean without clogging the computer?
Thanks for your interest.:slight_smile:

depends on the precision you want too!

in F9 you have the U and V resolution that you can change
or for bezier the def resol
this will limit the number of converted vertex when converting to mesh
but the preicison of the model will be less!

but you have to reduce this reso on the curve and the bevel curve too

check it out and see what happen and like it

you could also show a pic and give the data for the cruve
might be easier to help also!

hoep it helps