Railroad Bridge WIP (Update first post)

Here is a WIP of a railroad bridge I am working on. C&C welcome.



I like the texture choice for the bridge, keep it up.

Thanks Kansas. It is an early wip, so there is much to do. Welcome back by the way. :smiley:

Very nice so far.

Railroad bridge update 11/22/04. Still alot of work to do. C&C welcome.


Neat! That’s cool looking!
Please don’t make a very reflective water on this one.

Thanks Yetzero! I will try not to make the water to reflective. :stuck_out_tongue: I want the water to be semi-transparent so that the dock and piers will be visible a couple of feet below the water line.

Whoa, that’s a reflection? I thought it was a magical floating bridge :-?. You should definitely add some ripples and waves, refraction and distortion (I belive water’s IOR is a bit more than 1.3), and “uncleanness” with algae or something. Bridge looks good so far. Train should also be longer, but I guess you’re still working on that.

The grayscale image looked pretty neat. You should make a render like that once you’re done all the modeling. Keep it up, though, this is cool.

Railroad Bridge a la M. C. Eischer. :smiley:

The locomotive is all out of proportion sitting up there, I think. But the modeling itself looks good.

Here is my first attempt at water for this scene. Comments and critiques welcome.


I love the textures on the bridge, with the algae and stuff near the water line. The scale of the water looks too big, each ripple seems gigantic.

The algae are a great touch. Of course, a lot of other grime has to be added to the rest of the concrete surfaces, maybe even graffiti. It is, after all, an industrial structure.

Also, you mentioned something about transparent water - don’t forget that unless the pier is two meters away from the viewer, you shouldn’t be able to see anything (unless it’s a crystal-clear mountain lake). This looks like a murky industrial canal, so technically the water should be a sandy-green opaque substance.

Great job so far!

looks great! oc course the ripples are a bit large but other than that.

hey excelent… greate work…

Minor update. Thanks for the comments and suggestions. :smiley:
This is going to be a period piece, circa 1940 or so. It is hard to tell from the camera angle, but the locomotive is a steam locomotive that looks like a big torpedo in the “Streamline” style of the period. The bridge and waterfront structure date back to the late 1890’s. I am planning on having some “Italianate” style commercial buildings beyond the retaining wall and some “Art Moderne” style skyscrapers in the back ground.

Very nice work on improving, I like the murkiness and the mood.

Try to multi texture on the bump map some big and som small detailed, makes the water more realistic, dont know how much mody ( dont know how to spell it, but hope u understand ) but little more blue green color? but thats just me :smiley: KUTGW dude

not to offend you kirpre but i think his forst attempt at water was good maybe a little more green becuse after all i doubt the water was that clean and maybe a little more tranparent so you se the effect of the algea on the brick. also you may want to play around with the texture a bit maybe add a “texture effects shape” to it

bdev15: I didn’t say that his water was bad, I realize that it was his first attempt and I was offering criticism, not insults.

erich: The water definately looks better as far as the scale of the ripples go, but I would take a look at making the water less smooth with maybe a bit more reflection. Looking forward to seeing the addition of buildings to this scene.

Here is the latest render. I tweaked the water a bit. I think I am pretty close on the water. Any suggestions.