Railroad in the Steppe

I wanted to make something abandoned with a lot of debris and dirt. I don’t know why but making nature more interesting for me than a city or an industrial scene. Unfortunately if there is rubbish in the scene, then there is a human nearby (smile). And I made nature scene with traces of human activity.

I just used the models that I had and made them more detailed and narrative. Railroad with wagon were made for another adv project (of course they were clean and shine), wood and dirt material I made a couple years ago for practice in procedural workflow and didn’t use it until now, gravel was made when I photoscaned everything around my house etc… I’m still not completely satisfied how it looks, but I should closure and move on. Or I will never finish it.

Everything was made from scratch.
Here is Artstation page of this project with more pictures, if you’re interested: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/18V8Ye


You’re missing camera flaws like lens distortion, chromatic aberration, grain, flares, etc. And a something atmospheric, wind dust, particles, compositing stuff. I have a document that may give you some insights, it’s about compositing but there are a lot of information that you can use in your renders. Yet I really liked your work, congrats!

10_integration_techniques.pdf (2.6 MB)


I think the picture is fine just as it is. It’s like looking at some deserted field and seeing all that for yourself. No magic there.

I’ve noticed an obsession about these things, why can’t it be considered as viewed through the viewer’s eyes? When looking at something, do you see lens distortion, chromatic aberration, grain, flares etc? Don’t think so… It’s one thing to beautify an image with some post-processing when needed, and another to overload it just for the sake of it.


If you’re looking for a career as a professional, there is only two options. Realism or stylized. There’s no middle ground. Even stylized animations have camera flaws, it’s part of the cinematograph and adds quality to any kind of 3D art. It’s not an obsession among CG professionals.

I think that this image is excellent, and that there is absolutely no need for “camera flaws.” You would simply want to take a picture of a railroad track, an abandoned depot(?) and a box car. And, it would come out looking just like this. The only thing that slightly surprises me is the concrete cross-ties, which I would expect to see only on main-line track.

“Camera flaws” are a thing to be avoided when taking a photograph. I watched magazine editors lay out a collection of 4x5 large-format photos on a light table, and the first thing they did to “cull” the submission was to remove every image which showed lens flare. In any case, in this shot the sun is behind the photographer, so flare is impossible.


First of all Lucas, Blutag and sundialsvc4 thank you for your attention and your review of the work.

Wind dust, particles, I forgot about these aspects. I suppose that with these elements scene could look more natural. Thanks Lucas for that hint!

What about other stuff, I think that always depends. If I did it for cinema or for VFX of course I would use lens distortion and so on in order to match image for other elements. But there was no purpose for this work. I just made railroad as I see it. And I’m not strong in post-production, I feel this is true (smile). May be with lens distortion and aberration this images could looking more interesting. You will not try you will not know. Nevertheless, thank you all for your opinion!

Lets image this was very important railroad in a some secret place in a heart of steppe. That is why it was build in the 80s with concrete cross-ties in order to hold very heavy secret loads. After that something happen (Soviet Union was destroyed?) and this place was abandoned. I could contrived only that legend (and excuse) for this scene (smile). What do you think?

the horizon should be less saturated, the rest is fine. I like it :slight_smile:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Many thanks for such a high appreciation of my work!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Awsome !
Would have expected some more randomness in fence’s posts.

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Thanks a lot for that little book fella, will read it thoroughly.

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Wow! Thank you so much!

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Thank you! Do you mean that they should be more inclined? Hmm, yeah, maybe you’re right.

This is amazing

reminds me some the Walking Dead environment, great works!! :slight_smile:

I took into account almost all your remarks. I would like to show you how it looks like now. What were changed:

  • Added air perspective;
  • Increased ground discretization using adaptive subdivision (I have no idea why I didn’t do it the first time);
  • Made fence more irregular;
  • Some little touches here and there.

Thank you all again. Now I like this piece even more!

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