Railroad Shack

Textures from AmbientCG and Texture Haven
Trees generated with Modular Tree 4.0
Tons upon tons upon tons of geo nodes.
Volumetrics a’plenty.
Rendered in Eevee wtih 128 samples.

…and the finished results: a railroad shack.


That’s a great atmosphere, I think it’s good that you don’t have godrays - it will spoil the mood. Speaking of which, this eerie feeling place kind of reminds me of the atmosphere of the movie “9.”


You know, I actually did have some godrays in there for a bit, coming in from the top right. I took them out at the last second, because the spotlight I was using to generate them kept interfering with the shadows on the right side of the picture, messing with the focus I was trying to create.

I haven’t heard of any spooky movies called 9. I have heard of Session 9 though, which I do like.

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Don’t you hate it when you make a small change that ends up improving the quality of the picture by about a thousand percent, but you can’t show it off, because you’ve already submitted your final result?

So the moral of the story? Next time I’m about to post a picture, I’m gonna wait a couple of days before doing so, to give me time to poke and prod at it.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Woot! Thanks! \ :smiley: /

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Thanks again! :smiley:

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really nice result ! congratz !

Could we please have an idea of the geo nodes legion ? :smiley:

Happy blending !

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It’s nothing too complicated, just a bunch of objects point distributed and randomized across 4 weight painted vertex groups on a high poly lumpy plane.

…you know, simple stuff.

The only thing that makes it complicated is that there’s a whole lot of them.

The trees I placed by hand, and made using this node setup I illustrated here:

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Awesome atmopshere and lightning ! :ok_hand:

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I’m working on another project now, but I’ve been revisiting some of my old scenes to tweak and try out new things in a more complete environment.

And so I came up with this, and have learned a very important lesson: if you think you’re done, wait a bit, then come back to later with fresh eyes. You’ll end up fixing some mistakes you didn’t see previously, and you’ll be happier with the end results.

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Very nice. I did like the variation in the tree color from the original render. It gave an Autumn look which I think added to a mood - that along with the green cast from the pea soup fog - gave it a very stylized color palette. This is why it reminded someone of the movie ‘9’.
The lighting and fog are more real world and refined is this render which gives this image its own appeal and style. I prefer this composition with the darkening on the foreground which pushes the focus back onto the shack and stop the train tracks from leading your eye out frame right. A hint of the red/orange foliage as a subtle complementary to the green may still be a nice touch. Still way better that anything I can create. Both renders make me green with envy:)

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I thought that about the tree colors initially as well. I figured that having more colors in the scene would make it look more interesting, and I rushed in to fix it after initially submitting the image. In the end, I think having a more homogeneous background works more in its favor, since it draws more focus to the shack.

Course, I’m talking as if I actually know what I’m doing here. Mostly, it’s all down to happy accidents, and me screwing around until I’m temporarily happy with something. :stuck_out_tongue:

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