Railway bridge

I’m creating a railway bridge. These are my work in progress renders.
I’m happy with my work and I want to share it with others. :slightly_smiling_face:


Very NICE start there!

I have to hurry because the first train is coming. :slight_smile:


Touched by time


That’s looking really good, keep it up!

Thanks, that’s my goal.

Very nice.

What is the span of this bridge from end to end (r/l footage)?

And how many verts does it use?

And could we see a close-up of the texturing on the beams?

At this moment there are about 2,6 M verts.
The original bridge consists of three such parts, this one is 47.5 m long.
Materials are at early stage of creation, so they for sure will not look like that.

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Thank you for answering my questions and showing me your texturing. I like the rust. This will look very nice when you have a lanscape background for it.

Will you be modelling a train? Steam or…?

I didn’t think about the train, maybe…