Railway Sleeper Material

I am making a railway generator and am struggling to get the sleepers looking right. Below is an example:


It is abit shiny, because it is hard?, and it doesn’t have much texture. What would be the best way to make this, noise texture and play with values?

You can get the result in your picture with a Principled BSDF, some Metallic, and some Roughness. You may want a roughness closer to 0, I’d say .15 would be perfect- but a big part of what you’re seeing is geometry based. There’s a very sharp crease a quarter of the way down that metal rod. You aren’t going to be able to texture that (you could, but it’ll be a pain)- instead, you need to match the geometry to see that same creasing

It is going to be on a train track, mostly in the distance with a train on it taking your eye away, thankfully.