railway station

this picture was also posted in the Blenderguru- Competition (Good bye)
Done entirely in Blender, rendered with cycles.


WOW!! thats really really nice! I think that if you add some defocus and make better the chairs colors and mesh (just a little bit more, i think that you can make a bench and i think that it will make the scene seem like a real station) but, after all, that’s a really good render!! i like it!!

The sleepers look like they are sitting on the ground. They should be IN the ground not on top of it. There are no head/tail lights on the train. It ought to have at least one red light (but usually two) if it is the back or white lights if it is the front and, as it is made to look like a driving cab, should have the other ones not lit (ie if this is the back it ought to have headlights there which are switched off). Otherwise very good. I would suggest a green signal in the distance suggesting the train is leaving without the bloke on the platform but don’t forget that railway signals have red at the bottom (the opposite to road traffic lights) so don’t get it the wrong way up.
Well done.