Rain and Snow/Sorry for all the trouble, NOW the links work

I did some particle tests, just to see what could be accomplished with them, after having no prior expirience with them in blender. So, I made a few tests, one included hair, and the other two were rain and snow tests, which are the two I’m posting here.
Animation: See at bottom
Animation: See at bottom
I know the snow one has problems, like the fact that you can see the particle emitter making the particles, but I’d rather not work on it anymore unless it is absolutely nessessary. So, Comments wanted plz…

(And critisism, if you must, lol)
{EDIT: Pictures should work Now}
{EDIT EDIT: Videos should work now too!}

images are all dead


Ongnissim: either post your images on an image host site like http://www.imageshack.us , or if you have the time make a basic page on somewhere like http://www.shyper.com , where they don’t force banners ads on your pages, and they have ftp access. You still can’t remote link on shyper though.

Geocities have a 4mb hourly bandwidth cap which is a flippin nightmare, also remote linking of any files is technically forbidden @ geocities.

The images work now. I’d prefer crits on the AVI’s though, unless they dont work either. Do you know of a Video hosting thing if they dont?

Snow looks good, although I’m afraid I may have killed your bandwidth by viewing it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, sorry for posting so much, but the files should work now without any problems, so, C&C away!

p.s. I used Yahoo breifcase, I hope that doesn’t have a bandwidth problem, I couldnt find any other reliable servers out there…

Hey Ongnissim,

I’ve actually been trying to master a rain particle system lately. The rain falls much the same way yours do. Except that your rain meshes look much more real.

Bit of an ask here. But would you be able to post a wirefram of your raindrops and their material settings? That would be great. :wink:


PS. Can’t seem to get the AVIs to work. :frowning:

Link for the avi doesn’t work :confused:

Pics look good though

try unified render. and organic modeling with subsurf, and a better material for snow, etc. and a nicer sky and please render the scene with a little glow effect.

I really didn’t want to make this an actual project, just a test of the particle system. The main thing I really want C&C on are the AVI’s.

Redbyte: I did not use a model for the rain, it was also a particle system. But you may see the material settings in the .blend file.

AND here are the .blend files, if you wish to see them-

Feel Free to Comment and Critisize the .blend file too, lol.

Ok, I tried the links, so, I had to make a post (for two reasons, to bring this back to the top of the thingy %| , and two, to tell you that the links only work if you copy and paste them…) Oh well… Tell me what you think!

P.S. Finally… :wink:

P.S.S. Sorry for double posting…

Sorry, even copy/pasting the link doesn’t work! Oh well…

Sorry, even copy/pasting the link doesn’t work! Oh well…

Ok, this time they do work. Apparently my websapce doent allow linking to AVI files, but, you can choose the file yourself from the following address ( the folder on the site which has the files) The bandwidth is no longer any problem! :smiley:
Here it is: http://ongnissim.freeserverhost.com/Blender/
Right click the AVI files and say “save as” to see them…
(I hope it works, if it doesnt, plz reply, and, reply if you like them!)


I still couldn’t “save target” but I did download the .blend files. I’m new to Blender so it may take me a little while to figure out how to render the animation. Personally, I appreciate the fact that you’ve made the files available to us. It will help me learn some of the methodology.

Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re welcome, and, thanks for testing them out. Anyone else want to try?