Rain at 738


I really am trying to add better composition and depth to this but I can’t seem to do it.
I need some help here.


One thing that would help this a lot i to make the textures look less CG. maybe try adding more “grunge” to them.
have you thought about adding a border/trim around the doors and windows? I think that would also help make the brick texture look better overall.
I think you need more details down in the gutter and street, even if it is just texture work by adding a layer of dirtiness, maybe add a bit of water run off from the rain was well. possibly a crack in one of the sidewalk sections.

composition wise, not really sure what to tell you other then add more “weight” to the bottom half of the picture.

I like it so far.

looks nice, allthough the trees might need some work (i know they are a pain to make, but still) and try to roughen up the sidewalk, make some dents, a wobbly looking tile and not the clean look it gets from being wet


I concur with atemporalskill, the window and door need frame/trim around. Most stone buildings that I can recall have a lintel above an opening like a door or window, a single piece that spans the opening and provides structure. Additionally, in the window there will be framework between the glass and the wall, the glass usually doesn’t go right to the edge. The render below tries to show the windows and doors realistically, although I’m not really doing lintels in this version. Hope it helps.


Looks great so far - Maybe some reflections in the windows?