rain effects

i want to add rain like that to my scene. ive already found out how to make rain (but now very good, liike crappy), but i want to make really thin rain like in that image and i want it to be affected by the ground, meaning i want to see splashes on the ground.


i followed that to make rain, but i used deformed cylinders, and i want thin rain, and im affraid a cylinder would be wasteful of vertices and rendering and such.

what makes you think that rain is made of thin lines?

Answer: Motion Blur

raindrops are round and move fast, so using motionblur should help
to get what you want, or use a texture map as alpha that has long lines.


ive got this rain generator mesh from someone named jason (cant rememebr the website, sorry). it has drizzle and rain. i have the F7 particle effect set at 100,000 total, but, well, what you see in the image is all it shows.

so i guess im looking for 700,000, and it maxes out at 100,000. i tried duplicating the emitter, and it stays the same.

You could try my ‘water’ plugin. It’s a texture plugin that has a setting for rain-drops (among other things) and you can map it to a plane on the ground.

(This is a (bad) example.)

You can animate the drops and all kinds of stuff.

Follow the link in my sig (I hope it’s still there!)


Lots of particles effects on that page.


YES!!! that water plugin looks awsome.

im rendering the current scene now, with motion blur, and its going on 6 hours.

ive got it all setup good now. only thing is, with that plugin, i cant to a ray mirror to show reflections of the building (see the image).

also, now that i have water puddles, how do i make the street look like its wet? right now, on that image above, ray mirror is on max setting, and you cant see any reflections. with more problems solved more problems arise.

I am not sure about ray-mirror, but I don’t see why you can’t just set it in the material settings. That plugin acts the same as any other plugin (well, from a certain point on) and should not interfere with any material settings further down the pipe.

If that still fails, you could try a second ‘puddle’ that is a mirror and make the top puddle more transparent ?

Check the proportions of the texture/mesh, those drops are looking oval.