rain over a face or tears, and rain splats <how?>

i have this general character , i want the rain to cover some areas of his clothes and his face

how can i make hime like if the rain is making him wet ? :spin:

please help


help is apreciated …

It depends on how detailed you want it, if you want him to look wet, just get a texture map that controls specularity and reflectivity, and paint appropriate wetness on, if you want reasonably detailed wetness, try particles with tiny, tiny metaballs. Or if you aren’t going to do any closeups where the rain would need to be moving down his face, try modelling the rivulets. For close-ups, you would most likely need the fluid sim, but this would involve extensive tweaking and would most likely take forever to calculate.

Any of these ideas sound good to you?

Fluid sim?
In the first toy story when Woody and Buzz was trapped in Sid’s room and it started raining, You could see realistic rain drops rolling down the window.
Production started in 1993, so it wasn’t state of the art fluid sim or particles. They didn’t use raytracing.

I always wondered HOW THE HELL THEY DID THAT!! I’m assuming it isn’t filmed footage textured on the window.
The best explanation I can come up with this is that they have an animated normal map that is trailing like a comet and its tail…
But knowing it’s Renderman, they probably did a micro polyh displacement…so in Blender it should be a displacement map, not a normal map, which means a highly subdivided model. I wish micropoly would make its way in SVN anyway…sigh…