rain, snow, dust effect ?

Hi there !

I plan to add a plane in front of the camera with animated + alpha texture of falling rain,snow, moving dust ?

Could it looks good ?

I have no such textures and before I to try to make them (time consuming) , I’ would know if anybody ever tried this trick…

Yeah this has been done for rain. It looks nice, but always the same, you can try to make some planes or tries falling in front of the camera with a snow or rain texture, like a snowflok or raindrop. I didn’t try it, but could look nice I think. :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to create realistic snowfall for Airdale. Rain is easy to do since it all falls in one direction, but snow flutters about randomly. If anyone has done this sucessfully I’d be interested to know how :wink:

Someone has already made a rainfall demo, which you should be able to find searching the forums.

The hard part is getting the right balance between realism and performance. The method of continually adding planes is very costly for performance.

Thanks for your posts !

Now I know more about the alpha bug, I’ll try to release a rain + snow demo
in a “not so far future”.

I’m still working (part time) on the “L.O.S.T.” demo number 2…

Andy, I made some pretty good snow with a huge array of empties over the player, which added yet more empties that had snowflakes parented a distance away from them. The empties would turn as they fell, thus producing the effect of snow flying in unpredictable patterns. If I’m not making sense I can make a demo.

It makes sense, but how well does it run? I’ll give this method a go and see what results I can get.

The game engine could really use some kind of native particle system without having to fake them…

snow can be created very easily… just make some animations for the planes like it’s windy or something… then you make an empty add snow flakes and then another empty that is higher than the first one so the animations wouldn’t seem identical and so on… when I was creating my last christmas project that I didn’t finish I got a very good result for the menu that was all xmas stile… :wink:

here is something for you little maggots…

you can add animations to the empties if you want and change the direction and speed of the snow if you change the add object properties of each empty…

Not a bad effect xintoc, but it causes a huge performance hit. This could maybe be tweaked however…

Little maggots? There’s no need for any hostility here.

Perhaps using python and a getRandomFloat() function to continuously alter the velocity of the snowflakes would produce a good effect. I’ll need to experiment further.

no hostility, got it! :wink: