Rain useing fluid dynamics (fixed link)

Hi all i have been messing around with trying to creat real looking rain that uses fluid dynamics to creat a nice splash and to make nice looking pudels and such so far i have goten a pritty desent looking rain its not that great but its a work in progress, the metreals are setup vary poorly i was in a hurry last night to get it rendering, the drops are abit big but i am working on away to make them smaller yet still keep there nice looks, i sould up the resolution on the rain itself and will latter i plan to keep updateing this thread till i get rain just perfect :smiley: , at anyrate heres the link to the movie the file size is 1.4 mb sorry i could not get it much smaller, anyway give me your thouts on it elysiun :).


i would like to thank cubikdice for hosting this filw for me, you are the man 8)

I think that is a great looking start. For fine tuning, may I suggest smaller rain drops over a larger area? That seemed to tend to focus on four points rather then over a connected area. Maybe see how it would look if there was a ‘pothole’ where some of the water could collect to form a puddle.

thank you for your replie, i agree the drops are to big i plan to make them smaller but for some reason the fluid sim seems to luse a sphere if it gets to small any ideas how to fix that?, yes i also relized it is coming down in a four spot pattern i need to refine my techneak abit, i am planing to rerender with a pothole and i plan to remove the backgrond since it makes the weird shadows.

To make the drops smaller, you could either scale up your scene, or if you use a higher resolution for the fluid, I believe that may solve the problem as well. (It’ll take longer to calculate, though.)