I’m gonna call this one done. I’m sick of it. lol. >.<




Comments and Crits Please! :wink:

Looks nice! I like the rain effect!

What about the background? rendered or just a background picuture (and/or previeously rendered)?

How long took the render? I mean thats a particle system with transparency and mirror?? :eek:

motion blur would make this look real :slight_smile: with this lighting you would never be able to get such a short shutter time with a real camera

@Tomo83: lol, I completely forgot about all that. Sorry.

The background is rendered, but I rendered it separately. That was rendered in Blender 2.5, taking advantage of the raytracing optimization. It took about 40 mins to render.

The foreground and compositing, however, I did in 2.49b. When I tried to render a particle system with objects, Blender 2.5 crashed. o.O

So in 2.49b, it took about 3 hours.

And yes, it is just a set of sphere’s with transparency and mirror. Nothing special. :wink:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

@Natholas: haha, a lot of people told me that. :wink: I know its technically impossible to capture this in the real world… but that’s what Blender is for, you know? :wink: