As a showcase for my UV Offset Modifier I’ve completed a short animation.
This is cut out style 2D animation.
It’s a story about a girl in a hat and the harmful seek for true love.

YouTube version

VIMEO version

Any information about modifier and short can be found on my site.


I enjoyed your animation very much.

This modifier is a god send for those using blender for 2d! I look forward to getting to play around with it once I have a chance!

Keep up the great work!

Good short movie there. Shows off your modifier well. Gives me some interesting thoughts.

That is completely awesome…
Words just can’t describe how awesome that is.

very nice Pkowal

Looks great, and it is funny too! Pro quality here!

I hope that UV offset modifier will get into trunk soon! It can have a lot of useful applications and not only in cartoon animation!

Nice work. The music noises up on “the moral of the story” making the punch line difficult to hear.