rainbow balls

hi everyone,

just was experementing on the basics of a breakout type of game…
and came up with some thing fun.

use the spacebar to serve a ball… use the arrow keys to control the paddle left and right.

will be back in afew moments with a screenshot (after I get gimp installed)




Cool! That’s pretty neet. I like the rainbow trail from the balls. You should make an objective though.

its cool but for some reason i dont get the rainbow effect

Wow, p00f, that’s really neat! Maybe you should make the trail taper off toward the end, though.

BTW, I like the way you use the wireframe effect. Not much of that around here.

hey thanks man! just saw you online blendenzo :slight_smile:

Here is an updated version:

be back later with some screenshots and perhaps I can add some sounds too

everything is moving way too fast… when I hit -> or <- the thing jumps away and all the falling things are too fast…

very fun…fast but addicitive… like the old school wireframe graphics!

Hi sim88,

if everything is moveing too fast ,means you have a nice computer :slight_smile:

go to the menubar and click: Game>enable all frames, and uncheck it… that will turn on the frame limiter I think .


Thank you! I like the old school style of games… I miss the old vector systems of the late 70’s and early 80’s…

Due to the poor design , vector based games where hatede by arcade opperators. They would only last about a year before the monitors would burn out.

some of my favorites:
Major havoc
Star trek (the sit down version by sega)

and one of my ultimate favorites Temptas!

well, I got to get back to work!

it worked!
really nice game…120 score so far.

And yes, my computer i very nice. I recently upgraded her to 2GB RAM:D