Rainbow colours cycling through an object

Hello I am trying to make an object which slowly cycles through colors along the x (width) dimension of the object. I already have the color ramp set up as per below, but I dont quite understand how to make the colours cycle through and loop around to produce a smooth animation. I currently have this:

Can someone have a look and tell me where to go from here? I am assuming sine or cosine must be used to shift the colours through but how?
Rainbow overlay.blend (889.2 KB)

You have to get some input while animating (wasn’t there a time input??). I’m not actually remembering if the generated coordinat gives absolut or relative value so scaled them to you min/max of 9.8395 and i-framed a value from -1.0 to +2.0 to “move” them acros you LED(?)-stripe and also from -pi to +pi (better 2pi ??? ) and animated them with keyframes:

Here’s the blend file:
Rainbow overlay1.blend (918.0 KB)