Rainbow Dash Rig (warning: MLP Character)

I’ve tried and tried to get him rigged, but it doesn’t seem to come out right. (then again, I’ve had very little experience with rigging, and don’t know much about anatomy) Unfortunately, I’ve ran out of patience. I may try to tackle this again, but as of right now, I’m out of patience and fed up with it.

So, I’m turning it out to you guys to work on it, if you want.

If you do get something that you like, please share it. (this is NOT a requirement.) The entire reason I even tried to rig them is so I could do some 3d fan art.

Perhaps I could do something in return? (you scratch my back, I scratch yours) I can’t think of anything to do in return but, I’m open to suggestions.

I should note; the original model was made by kpshadowsquirrel

I can’t get it to upload here, so you can download the mode from here: http://lavik1988.deviantart.com/art/Rainbow-Dash-Rig-317837964
Just click on the “download file” button on the right.