Rainbow keeper

Hi. I’m learning zbrush now and decided to make mouse\rat character, whose job is to keep rainbow safe. So i just started to give him facial details and some kind of armor.
Click on thumbnail for 1080p. Clothing made in blender.

Haha… Really cool and exaggerated (in a good way).



Update :slight_smile:

The detail is great! As well as the character himself. Is this going o be an animation? Stills?

Nah, it’s just for organic training purposes:) I’m pretty much done with him, except i need to add wrinkles, more details e.t.c, but i just don’t want to complete him. Thanks.


You serious? You’re going to deny us a full-color render? Minus three points from you. =P


I pretty much messed up too much due to my inexperince, so no full color for you, lol. Gotta tons of stuff to learn.