Raindrop with Blender

hi to all blender gurus,

i am using blender for my final year project, which i’m simulating rain, but in my storyboard i wish to do a close-up on the raindrop all the way till it touches the ground n splash, and followed by the rest of the raindrops.

now i’ve managed to simulate a basic splash using the fluid function. but i’ve discovered that by using the soft body self collision feature lets the uvsphere acting all ‘watery’.

the problem i faced is that i can’t find a way to manually set the soft body settings so that the sphere stays in 1 place n self collide, i’ve oni manage to do it by using the default, which is ‘average’, ‘min’, ‘aveminmax’ setting. another problem is i can’t seem to combine the two physics modifier together(fluid n soft body).

so the question is, 1. what setting should i use for the soft body modifier?
2. how do i create ‘splash’ with soft body modifier?
3. how do i combine ‘fluid’ n ‘soft body’ modifier?

your help is much appreciated, i’m in the dark with this problem now, lol. thanks for reading the long scenario. cheers