Raindrops On Car

While I am almost ready to render the upcoming promo of my animation, here is the Nissan GTR Nismo covered in raindrops. What do you think?

This model came from the Internet so it’s not mine.

The raindrops use a principled shader with metallic set to 1 instead of using the glass shader since the car paint is combined with the raindrops texture.

You might get more feedback if you post this also in the Works In Progress section or the Focused Critiques section. That way you will get viewers that are looking to give input as to what it may be missing or what you could try to do to improve it.
What I can see is that if the car is supposed to be in motion then the droplets on the spoiler are moving the wrong direction unless it is going in reverse, the drops under the spoiler (bottom side) look stationary which I would think would have movement like on the sides of the spoiler.

Thanks for the advice. I will fix the raindrops on the spoiler. Where can I find the section you have mentioned?


That’s the two threads that I mentioned.