Hi, this is my last work


Really nice! He looks very organic

Welcome to the forums, Yann! The frog looks great :smiley: I can’t believe almost no one’s commented on this yet. I really like the eyes, especially!

Very, very nice. Geico should see this.

Loving it too, and I have one of these as my main monitor background, love tree frogs, and again great work!


Sweet. The frog especially looks great, and the rest of the scene is pretty awesome too. I’d say the branch on which he’s sitting looks a bit shadeless, but otherwise I love it!

Looks like really nice model, but your lighting is way too flat and bright. I can only assume this is set in a jungle, so the light would struggle to get through all the trees and they would be casting lots of nice interesting shadows. Even If you just increase the contrast in photoshop or gimp would help :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments, i work on again.

Very nice!

As has already been said, the lighting could have a little more depth. Less strong, perhaps a little greenish tint, given its in a jungle.
You need to work on the textures. When you get this close to objects with a camera, perhaps you need some displacement or, again, depth. The texture on the tree. Particularly the on the little frog is sitting looks like painted on.
You could try converting the colored texture into a black& white texture and use that as a displacement map. Sometimes that works, sometimes it does not :wink:

well here is one of my art work hope u like it

if u request i can send a blend file for dis, although more improvements r to be done i myself r proud to dis artwork!