Rainy day (Chanins's illustration)

Based on a Chanin Suasungnern illustration : https://www.artstation.com/chanins

With this scene I tried to push a but further the difficulty, I wrote a longest story, I animated the rain, the character, I wrote some nice script to automate a lot of things.

The story isn’t really special, I just tried to think about some real conversation that I had and I created a story, I like it, but i dont know if it something that someone else would enjoy.

The rain animation was kinda hard to make, I needed to find a way to make it looks “real” but keeping it optimized to be seen on Sketchfab, so i used some trasparent textures placed at different distances from the camera to make it seems more volumetric.

The character animation was interesting to make, I still dont know to create a proper animation, so i used the shape keys, i created different position for the arms, head, legs and I randomized them using a Pyton script, I think that is a really efficient solution to make an idle animation.

For the messagges I improved a script that I wrote for a past scene, now almost everything is automatized, I just need to create all the messagges as different images, and write down the timing for each message, click a button, and magic, the animation is done.
I already have some ideas to improve this script, and I’m thinking about creating a pluging if I will reach a good usability, right know only a programmar would manage to use the script without became mad.

If you have any asnwer I would be happy to try to respond


It looks Nice, Good luck - -

I find games fascinating, Love the Art - -

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Thank you Jasper :blush: