Rainy day

This is a stoplight with rain! What do you think about it? Also this is my most photorealistic image ever! Do you think it’s photorealistic?

Very nice. I like the defocused rain and the motion blur on the other droplets. Looks very real with the lighting setup. In terms of things to try:

  • Maybe a different texture on the body of the traffic light? It kinda looks speckled, whereas most traffic lights tend to be a nearly matt black paint.
  • Try making the sqaure part tighter around the roun lamp part, and more square than rectungular.
  • Perhaps add a flat collar around the outside edge (although I guess not every country has that:

I love it! One thing i might think of adding is just a small lens flare, or at least a little glare from the red light.

The light at center don’t have to be of a orange/yellowish color?

I like it, give the middle light some yellow tint.

Model is good but

  • study something about specular maps
  • try different textures
  • add lens flare
  • change lighting
  • add reflection maps
  • try AO
  • and add some scratches