Rainy fantasy street on morning /Updated/

This is another background from Ron Loo game, rainy street on morning-there will be procedural rain here from our engine (AGDS) :slight_smile: too

Comments? :slight_smile:

Update according commentst here:)
There are still things that could imrove it, but I call it finished as there are many bacgrounds to be done in this game yet and time is running short :slight_smile:


Previous version

That’s looking great… is there like a demo/movie of your game. You coding this in the blender engine or your own?

Hi DJfuego

it will be point and click adventure being developed under FutureGames publisher. So we use their AGDS engine, the same engine Black Mirror uses.

You can watch trailer of Ron Loo I made for Blender Conference 2003

I like that.

I would add some fog because rain has some kind of a similar effect. Looks a bit too clean.
The red lamps cast white light onto the street, that should be changed.
Any light could give more volumetric halos, because the light is reflected from the single rain drops.
The illumination from the street lights could be stronger

I wish I could work on such a scene!

You’ve really created a world there. I second the fog/halo comments. It also looks like the building is floating above the ground a bit.

Nice start.
It seems, houses in front of the camera are floating over the ground. It would be nice to do the scene a bit darker with stronger shadows, faing to the dark. Maybe add some fog. There’s more small details, I can’t explain in english, but I might say it in czech :wink:

So say it please- via PM or just see me at http://www.blender3d.cz :wink:

To all: Thak you guys, I´ll work on it according your tips and post new version, hopefuly soon :slight_smile:

I had a look at the .avi demo. Tol, this is superb work - details, animation, colors etc - everything pretty much. I didn’t understand why the man coming out of the smoking room wasn’t coughing or running away. I’d be interested to know how long it took to render some of the complex scenes.

Quite nice. I second the comments already made, they’re quite valid, and add my own kudos. I like it. The building does indeed seem to be floating, there could perhaps be more mist/halos, etc… Keep it up.

Now that’s a very, very nice set. The only thing that surprises me is that those two lamps by the door seem to be emitting a white-light reflection when the lights don’t seem to be turned on. Hmmm… :wink:

That area with the umbrella seems a bit busy to me, and that (is it a chair?) on the extreme left doesn’t seem to have any place to exist between whatever’s-behind-it and that bench. And, good grief, is that a chest-of-drawers sitting there?

Anyway, even though that area seems to be “littered with things to find,” it’s clear that you have at least two action-areas defined and the sight-lines are nicely leading the eye to them. I can’t tell if that table or stool lying there in the street is broken, but if it is it’ll tell me that a fight has broken out here recently. (And no doubt, a new fight will break out again?)

Nicely done.

Updated and hopefuly finished according your tips- thank you guys :smiley:

Very nice modeling. Try to give more “bump” at the ground and bricks.

Hi Tol:

It’s great. Here is my tiny crit (but you can hapily ignore it).
You have a couple of red lights by the door. Now, I can’t help associate red light with… red light district. If there is no prostitution involved, I’d do without. It’s an unusual color. Can you make them orange?

Anyway, it’s a great work in and by itself.


Well, I forget to tell this- that house with red lamps really is whorehouse itn game´s story :slight_smile:

I love this picture.
There is so much wonderful detail.
Bugger the game, this is good just as a still. :smiley:

I wouldn’t know what to pick at here.


But it is still- it will be 2D point and click adventure :slight_smile:

Oh - I see.
Was wondering how something so impressively detailed could exist comfortably in an action or action/adventure game engine.



Tol: grand. Then you convey the whole message right here and there. Sorry I didn’t search my post before I wrote.
Thanks for the extra bit of info.