'Raise the Titanic' poster

(ScottishPig) #1

In 1980, ‘Raise the Titanic!’ the original movie was made. It was based on 1979’s ‘S.O.S. Titanic’ and Clive Cussler’s 1976 novel.

I am remaking this epic movie.

Here is an original poster:

Here is MY poster:

I’d like some comments. The water isn’t finished… but the rest pretty much is.

(macke) #2

The boat was broken into several pieces as it sunk, no? Yours seems as though its a whole.

IIRC, the boat first broke when it sunk, and then when it reached serious depth the preassure made it break once again. So that would make it three parts.

(ScottishPig) #3

My raise the titanic is being BASED ON THE 1980 MOVIE.

The titanic was not really discovered until 1985, there will be many discepancies between my movie and real life… and many more between my movie and the original. That’s just the way it works out.

Keen of you to notice though.

(macke) #4

Oh, well, ok then! =D

Keep up the work mate!

(Cativo) #5

Very nice!

(saluk) #6

Now that I can see the real poster, I know what was a little bothering about the foam. Your foam looks as though all the particles are the same size, there isn’t enough shape to it. It looks too much like a cloud. It would be better if you could have the edges of the foam a little more distinct, maybe including some more interesting splash effects as well, like in the poster. Just a thought, I couldnt do any better:) I couldnt do as good. I couldnt do half as good for that matter. Anyway, enough about me, YOU should keep up the good work!

(S68) #7

Nice stuff, but we don’t wwant postrs we want animations! Make an anim of the Titanic rising again :slight_smile:


(ScottishPig) #8

I will make the animation soon enough!!

(Nayman) #9


i own it, so chessily awsome!~