Ralph (Character in the works) FEED BACK PLEASE!

Hey Guys,
Here is a quick face I blended up. Please leave comments, and maybe some suggestions for the body. Thanks for the help! :wink:


Is he sposed to be photo realstic, cartoony, or what style are you goin for?

Ok, first, his ears need to be pointed more to the back I think, probably less out. Theres definately some facial deformations, probably caused by too many verts, and uneven modeling, but idk. Also, you could use real hair, if you wanna look up a tut. The eyelids need to wrap around the eye some more i think too. keep it up :smiley:

Yeah I would do real hiar except for my computers pretty weak. Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll post an updated one soon. :yes:

his nice and mouth seem too undefined, even for the style you are going for some extra detail would be nice… as for hair, you can still do hair but only render a small percentage of it on screen while working on it so not to bog down your pc too much, it’s the DISP value under the Emit: button group

Yeah I’ll give the particles a try for the hair . . . by the way any color suggestions (for the hair) ? :yes: Thanks again? :cool:

It looks like you have a nasty seam right on his nose. It could be the lighting. Just use a hemi pointing straight down on him so we can get a better perception of the model. You have these funny layers of skin right around the eye- is that supposed to be there? Well if this was going to be animated, make sure you have the topology right. I would like to see a Wireframe of this.

Funny Character though, I would like to see this finished!~

Ok, here he is again, I fixed his ear, did some color work in the mouth, and fixed his eyelids. And here is the wire frame thing too. Oh yeah, my particles are not working, They wont emit! Thanks for the help!:o


Yeah my particles are not working. :eek: I just get a brown blur. Thank for the help!:o

Good Character concept looks very creative but the technical side lets it down :no:

The typology is not good try to include more loops around the mouth and nose as well as removing the triangles

Triangles are BAD. use quads for a smoother shape.

anyways good luck and keep posting