ram causes Blender to crash?

Hi everybody.
I added 2 512mb ddr modules to my previous, so now I’ve 1,5 gb ram on my pc with Win XP.
Unfortunately, blender often crashes during rendering.
No troubles with other software I’ve installed. The mem test tools I used don’t give any error.
Do you have any idea?
Thanks in advance

Crash? That’s very rare - what are you trying to render? If you’re rendering something that’s highly detailed (say 2000X1500 pixels) then you’re probably misinterpreting the slow rendering time as Blender crashing.

To solve this try a smaller resolution (640X480 is about managable), make sure that OSA is at 5 (as far as I know you rarely need anything higher) and try and use as few lamps as possible that use ray-tracing and try and keep your vertices count as low as possible.

If this doesn’t answer your question then what are your computer’s settings (graphics card size, OpenGL etc.)?

I tried with models I rendered time ago before ram update. I never had troubles before. I used a cloning tool too, in order to bring my software configuration back. But with no result.
That’s really strange!
Thank you

This sounds like a hardware problem.

You might try going into the BIOS and setting it for slower speed memory. Make sure buss speeds and voltage settings are correct.

I’m wondering that upgrading the operating system and the graphic card software the problem seems to be gone :o
That’s really strange because in the past (but only with 512 mb) I never had troubles with this software configuration…
I hope my pc will reamain stable… If it will not, I will follow your suggestion to decrease the speed.
Thanks a lot!!