Ram to small to render

I have a very large Blender file, with a lot of Objects. The Ram it needs to render the scene is more than the 16 GB I’ve got on my computer, so Blender always crashes… what can I do?
I already split the file into different Files and Linked them, but that didn’t work either… Thank you so much for your help!

you can first look at textures and see if some of them could be reduce depending on how much of them is seen. Every 4096x4096 file can take 64mb of Ram.
Depending on the scene you can look for objects that are too much subdivided, also if you have a lot of hair (particles ) that can eat a lot of ram if not setup correctly.

Finally , if none of that work, you have to split your scene in different renders (background, middle ground , foreground) and composite them together latter .

All of these are generic advice , but it really depends on the case.