Ram usage grows too much during uv editing

hello everybody,
I found this problem while trying to correct some uv issues, the ram usage grows too much during uv editing.
Every time I select a vertices or edge in uv editor, the ram usage grows of about 100 mb, so :
select one vertices : + 100 mb,
translate the vertices : + 100 mb;
select next vertices : + 100 mb;
move this vertices : + 100 mb.

so Blender starts by using about 500 mb of ram, and then arrives after moving 10 vertices, or edges, to 3.5 gb and starts to block because I have 4 gb total. Maybe my ram amount is low, but I think it’s a Blender issue on uv editing.
The model I’m working on is an ogre with 2 4k textures, nothing specials.
Every suggestion is very well accepted, cause the solution I found till now is to move 5 vertices until blender reaches 3.5 gb of ram, save, close blender, re open blender , re move the vertices in uv editor, re save and re close… : (

How big is your mesh? your issue could maybe be the undo buffer. It saves the entire state on every action, so for big meshes this could take up alot of memory. You could try lowering the number of undo steps blender saves for you in the preferences. If this is not the cause, it may be a deeper problem (i.e. do a bugreport with a demo file and reproduction steps)

Maybe I discover the problem, and the problem it’s me! : )
The model is quite low in poligon, but it has a multires modifier.
With the modifier the problem with ram is present, but if I delete the modifier it disappear and everything works fine.
So it’s caused by the mutires. But then I remember that after the sculpting on the multires, I erased some vertices from the base mesh, so I think it depends by this error generated by myself. And the proof is that if I delete the multires from the model and then apply a new one, even at the third level of subdivision the problem disappear.
So it’s not a Blender problem, it’s a user problem!
Thanks aniway for the suggestions!

still, this should not happen, leaking memory is bad, you should report that and send in your file if possible :slight_smile: