RAM vs RAM of the Videocard

I was wondering how many vertices a average scene uses and where most computers crashes.
I work with an computer with 8 GB Ram. and my scene of 50.000.000 vertices is impossible to work with.
(further I hope a new graphics card will help) When am I using RAM and when am I using RAM of the Videocard ?

As far as I am aware, during viewport work (not in rendered mode) graphics memory isn’t used much, so in this case normal RAM is stressed. Graphics memory is an issue for Cycles GPU rendering, though.

But it isn’t sure that RAM is the issue here. 50m vertices is a really a lot. For me that gets slow even on systems where memory is plenty. It will create a lot of CPU load also. I don’t think people work with that many vertices visible in viewport, but instead use a workflow which avoids that, e.g. by using lower subdiv in viewport or hiding objects not related to the current task.

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Both system and gpu memory is used when working in viewports, but usually Vram (i.e. gpu ram) isn’t stressed to its limits in this part of the work, as @omgold mentioned. 8gb of RAM is simply out of the question in modern systems which are used for CG tasks. 16gb is an absolute minimum and 32gb is the most popular choice the moment we speak.
So, the first thing you should consider, is at least doubling the RAM amount you have now.
It would be more easy for us to understand where the bottle-neck is, if you mentioned your current specs. There might be other problems too.

Thanks… with a subdivision surface with viewport 1 and render 3 does work fine. instead of 50m I got 300 thousand. and a good result. Further is my graphics card gonna be an AMD and I’m afraid it aint gonna work with Cycles (only EEVEE). I’m afraid that’s a downside when you work with a Mac.

I’m afraid I can’t upgrade my RAM that easily. It is welded on to my motherboard (iMac 2017). When I bought my computer I saw on the Blender website (page Requirements) that a minimum of 4 GB was needed. So I thought 8 would do fine.

I’m sorry to say, but your WS choice wasn’t appropriate for Blender work. The best you can do now it to heavily optimize your scene. I’m sure there are ways to lower your poly count by a great deal. 50mil is way too much, even for systems much better equipped than yours.