Ramona Flowers - Tier 1/3

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Fan Art of Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

I Tried to combine her looks from the movie and the comics.
Although, the different versions follow her progression throughout the 2010 Live-Action movie.

The Zoom Details

This is Tier 1 out of 3 levels of details, meaning that there would be two more Tiers published in the following days.

Visit this link to see the Second Tier | Ramona Flowers - Tier 2/3

Clay Renders

Artstation | https://www.artstation.com/artwork/VyYVJ4

Blender’s Viewport Look

References Board

Blender Screenshot


Great work, congrats.

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Thank you!

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Don’t forget that there are more detailed versions for this that I have divided into different Tiers.

Tier 2 | Ramona Flowers - Tier 2/3
Tier 3 | Ramona Flowers - Tier 3/3

Thank you for your attention!