Ramp Shade & Texture - Need help.


The picture above (my current WIP) has ramp shading. You’ll see the “peach fuzz” or the mild highlight in the skin.

Is it possible to have a texture of skin (like a TGA or JPG image), and use Ramp Shading at the same time? If so any tutorials or suggestions?

I did a search and only found “layered” as an answer. I am not sure what that means.

Also, I plan on using SSS. Any tips on that would be nice too.

Ramp shaders work on the Material, not the Texture, so you can use them anytime, irrespective of which texture type you choose. I don’t know of any tuts but it’s quite well documented:



Yes it is posssible to use a testure with a rampshader, just remember that the
ramp will overlay the texture. There is a good video tut on rampshaders at www.blender3d.org
As for the sss, there is a python script forthis at the make human site, do a forum search and you should find it. :slight_smile:

Fligh % —> I did that tutorial, and it has helped. Thanks.
I asked the question vaguely. What I was looking for, was a way to use Ramp Shading for the skin, and then UVmap a texture of skin with freckles and moles and stuff.

charding —> I have the video (downloaded yesturday and watched it). very good by the way. Thanks. As far as the SSS, I already have the Python script and have used it on simple things like candles, and it works quite nice.
However, I believe that the SSS question that I have should be another new topic posted here, due to the technical questions that I have about it for things like human skin.

I feel your pain. I’ve got pretty good results in Maya, but I’ve yet to try anything as advanced with blender’s shading options. This Maya tutorial helped me a lot, in understanding the basics as much as the maya stuff:


You might gain a few nuggets from it, particularly how he drives different shaders with different texture maps.

Does this still apply to the current version of Blender (2.37a)?


and this too…


It seems as though there is no feature in Blender to do Ramp Shading and a Texture at the same time.

The best that I can get, is the Alpha adjustments.


No. You can have both, but you can’t have a Texture on Top of a Ramp Shader.

I read those threads and I’m not sure what those people expected, but, as far as my understanding of it goes, that is exactly what ramps are supposed to do.

There are very few examples I can think of in the natural world that I can use to illustrate my point but here goes. Ramps work off light; lamps, their direction and intensity. They work either thru the Diffuse shader (Color Ramp) or thru the Specularity shader (Spec Ramp).

Now, even without ramps, if you were to set the Reflectivity of the diffuse shader too high, or, if you were to set the Spec and Hard too high, (or both at the same time) then you wouldn’t be able to see the (T of test) image texture thru the glare. And, since ramps ramp up those 2 values and their colors, the same must hold true for them.

If this bird had an image texture with “T.E.S.T” mapped to where the green feathers meet the gold, you wouldn’t see it either; the green would subtract it out and the gold would glare it out.



Thanks a lot, I appreciate the time that you took to read those and also you reply here. I know what this function is for, and I really like what it does to surfaces. I came up with a happy medium by using the alpha channels.