Ramp Shader & Textures


I’m trying to texture a ramp shader material and I just can’t find a way to let the textured areas ‘override’ the ramp shader - is it possible at all?



Texture and render result:

Ramp shader and texture settings:
http://www.thoro.de/images/blender/material_03.jpg http://www.thoro.de/images/blender/material_05.jpg

As far as I know, the answer is: no (unfortunately :/)

Yup, that’s true. Ramp shaders are last in the color calculations for the material. What you can do however is change how the ramp will affect the underlying layers. If you just want a black scratch that doesn’t appear to change, you can change the method to darken so that any black on the texture will remain black after the ramp.

I do wish Blender had an improved layering system.

Try playing with the INPUT & METHOD options. It will not be a 100% fix, but might get you closer to the result you want.


Thank you very much for your replies.

I’ll try to tweak my settings - an improved layering system would be cool, but I’m so happy with the ramp shader itself (and the ongoing improvements in all directions) that it will be no problem to wait for this :P.

I guess what you might want to do is (if you are trying to put an eyebrow on a face) is have the eyebrows as seperate objects but sitting just over the main object. I think like this they wouldn’t be affected by the ramp shader.

Do you wat get @ndy’s or Venoms shaders?

1.Layer1 - add stucci with scale0.02, bump0.3, displacement
mapping sphere

2.Layer2 - add halo blend / dark color at centre light at edge + some alpha + emission

Blend shader + Ramp on
Start ramp gradiend from center [dark] to edge [lighter], turn on Vcollight
mapping sphere


  1. Set up Ray or Z transparency that the progress of transparency grows from edge to centre

  2. Use MHsssbeta / dark color at centre ligt at edge

  3. Add afterglow with low setings, take care about externall glow color . It
    should match your edge ramp gradient color

  4. Moove camera a little towards objects, set ipo locations [2 frame anim]
    turn on mblur

Some combinations, but finall effect = highend

underwater light = voronoi + alpha + emit

I in my sketch shader have mapped the ramp shader
really it is a fake mapped it provided that the texture it comes applied as emit

it in any circumstances works fine