Ramp Shaders

Is it possible to use ramps shaders to control reflection, alpha etc. If not is it being implemented? This would be really helpful and allow custom fresnel shaders etc

Yep, sure is.

Really?! How?

You use material nodes.


Ok I see what you mean but I should have said I meant raymir. I meant in the materials tab how you can access Colour ramps and specular ramps. Why not Normal, Alpha and raymir ramps?? Then you can use the normal, shader, energy and result options to apply it.

In some SVN builds there is an extended material node. With it, you can control almost any parameter.

There is no raymir input. Or maybe I am trying this the wrong way cause I suck at material nodes…

Yes, in there is Ray Mirror parameter in nodes. Just look into the build I posted before.

On which node. On the material node there is only colour, spec, normal and reflectivity.

Do you have the SVN build? If so, then Add new node > Input > Extended Material

Oh I see but I can’t get the front to back thing working but I think i am doing it wrong so Ill find a way. Seems like a lot of work for something small…

I don’t work with node materials often, but my gut is telling me you should be looking on the Texture node for those parameters, not the material node.

Meh or some extremely cool person could implement more options for the ramp shader tab :stuck_out_tongue:

You want this?


damn, the Nodes are getting crazy… but that’s just what we needed.

Yeah pretty much :smiley:

Thanks lol :smiley:

on a much more simplistic level, on the material (and texture) context, there is a seldom used tab called Ramps. If you show Color or Spectrum ramps, you can control the full range of colors (and their alpha) that are computed for the color of the surface or the spectral color. For example, using a ramp for spec means that the deep reflected color will change based on the viewing angle - you may have seen some cars in real life painted with that effect, or had it done to your racer in PGR3. see http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Ramps for more info.

Thank BeBraw for this huge node and some other.

Yeah I kinda know what the ramps tab is but ok hope you had fun with that post…

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