Rampway to Heaven

Here’s something i’ve been thinking about for a while. I finally got my lazy self to do it. Thoughts? Comments?


Rendered with Blender internal, post processing done with The GIMP.

I think its pretty funny the handicap only sighn.
Still its pretty good.

is that glare suposed to be on the sign?? maybe u should move the lamp thats iluminating it a bit further

for some reason it all looks to smothe, maybe add a bump map to the texture of the black calumn leading up???

Well I had to do the handicap sign seperate from the stairway because I forgot to put it in the original model, so I just “GIMPED” the sign in there. The glare was my mistake of trying to make the sign look like part of the model.

There actually is a bumpmap on the column, i’ll increase it some more.

New render now in first post.

Looks pretty good. One thing I noticed was the blue font of the title clashes a little with the column. Maybe you could move the title or make it a different color.

No railing. What happens if you fall off?

You start over. :wink:

The ramp looks really steep.

I don’t think anyone can reach the top on a wheelchair unless the wheelchair has turbo or Nitrogen Dioxide.

pretty bland texture and material-wise, but a funny concept…3 stars…