Randall flip

This is part of an animation I am doing to test very physical movement.



Too good! :o good luck, haven’t we seen him before? how is it going, would be interesting to see an animation!

His hair is pretty stiff.

Right, this is an old model of mine. Dug him up to test some animation and deformation. I’ll post the animation as soon as it is ready.

nice,but hairs move too.
cool character.

Regarding the hair, I have a few bones in it, but it doesn’t really look good when hanging down. Perhaps I can cheat with some motion blur and also have him move quickly :slight_smile:

In fact, I actually did manipulate the hair to make it look as though it was in movement - it’s shifted to one side, and is longer than normal.

It’s all about how it looks in the animation, anyway. Still looks great! Please show us the anim it’s from, when you finish it.
I’m no sure about tha nim, and whether his hair is dreaded/ponytailed, but it might be cool if you can get it to fan out in a semicircle as he filps.


And I was just wondering what became of Randy and Randall… :smiley:

I’m looking forward to see the animation.

did you use yafray for that?

very well done, it has a nice feeling.

i am just thinking he has a lot of product in his hair, because that hair is awfully straight :stuck_out_tongue:

the hair doesn’t let the image down at all though.