Randel 3.0

this is my lattest verion of one of my long standing characters. this is is the first version with actual hair and soft body cloths(the shirt is probubly tmp. I just needed a tex to test the concept.) what do you think? also could some one tell me whats going on with that darkness on his feet.
oh and just so you Know… its Beta!

Opps forgot the pic

Is it rendered with AO or without?

I think I did have AO on but Im not sure. I could have just used several lights to get a comprable effect. :cool:
I’d also like some help makeing his fur less bad if any one, and I do mean any one has a suggestion.

Try the same render without AO. I had a grass landscape once where I had some weird dark artefacts when I turned on AO (subtract) on particles. Seems to be that the particles occlude themselfs.

Nice texture for his trousers… Perhaps you could explain a bit about the character?

As to making the fur “less bad”, what settings are you currently using? If you haven’t already you should read the documentation in the wiki about making fur/hair (http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Static_Particles).

Keep working on it!!

ok I did try it with the old ambeint occlusion off and the feet are still all weird(there are set to be pure white). as for the chacter he’s almost like my mascot in blender, not to spesific of a personality, so he can be trouwen into any story I need him for. the 2.0 version of him is currently in a little short Im making for my schools film fest. although Im not posting any thing on that until its done here what randel 2.0 looks like.

as for 1.0 I never did any thing great with him and am over all rather embarissed with how he looks.