Random actuator and sensor how does it work?

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i always wonderd how the random sensor and actuator work,can anyone make samples in blender showing what they for,or even explain it to me? i think i might need them for near future plans…
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From what i can recall, the random actuator changes a value of a given property at random intervals, depending on the seed given. It can change bool, float and int variables.
The seeds don’t really matter, as long as they fit your needs - only when you get to encryption.

ok i tried the random sensor to the flag and it switches the always sensor on and off randomly which was what i was looking for now the flag acts as a flag blowed in the wind…so by that i presume that the same works for the enemy damage,i think i ccan connect the random sensor to the near sensor and make it act as a random damage ,am i right?

The random sensor activates randomly.
In other words you get a 50:50 chance for a True Pulse. It is very simple and not really much to play with.

It does not switch an always sensor on and off :D. Always sensors are something different.

You can’t connect two sensors. You can connect multiple sensors to one controller. From the states and pulses of the sensors the controller calculates activation/deactivation signals for the connected actuators.

If you want random damage, you need to tell what you mean with demage. Mostlikely you mean a property. With that the random actuator is the best choice. You can choose from several random transformations, with different parameters.

Just for clarification

he means to an and with the near.

hi guys,
thx a bunch for the clarifications,i got the idea thx!