random bone weight placement on vertex group change in weight paint mode exit

so… took me forever to think of a way of stating what is happening.

first off i am very new to blender only 2 or so months of experience, and i am pretty dense and slow. having said that please bear with me.

i am working on i my 5th or so model. i have made animations for the 4 preceding models with little trouble.

how ever on this model when i am cleaning up the auto bone weigth new weights keep appearing all over the place with no regard of where the bone is(right foot will move the cheek and so forth).

so i go to clean it and when go back to pose mode there are other places that have new bone heat place there was no chance of brushing on accident. on groups i did not even touch.

i have checked the normals made sure there are no gaps/holes, no doubles, i have locked the other groups as i work only unlocking the ones i am working on. tried with envelopes and groups and with paint .

none of it does any good the weights keep appearing.

there must be some reason for this i am overlooking.

please help this poor dumb fool… my brain is going to explode.

i have also started over from scratch. i guess i should mention that the model has six limbs.

Thanks !!! great effort blenderartist community. so back to lurking for an answer…