Random but Not-So-Random Game

People send me a one level game (no menus, has a proper end) and I put them all into one game. A mish-mash of Blender work. A montage of work.

I feel they need to be connected somehow. The theme could be First person shooter? Racing? I personally like FPS as the theme.

Misc Info:
-Your names and what ever else you want will be displayed right before your level. In the credits too.

-If/When you send it, PM of on this thread, give me what name you want to have displayed, what the level is called, and how many days it took to make (estimate if you’re not sure). You can have other things to, like when you started it. The controls also.

-It can be from a current WIP of yours, or just a demo.

-Please make it somewhat decent (as in nice textures and maybe rigged characters depending on the game). This is representing you, remember?

-Multitexture? Or GLSL? I prefer Multitexture. . .

-It will (if it works out) be posted on Anicator’s Website; bGame.

Zombie Killer
By Charles Charlson
6 days Creation
Game Design Class Project
February 6, 2013

Download: mediafire.com/blahblahblah345

I am NOT going to steal or claim these are mine. I can make my own.
This is just a team project I want to work.

your idea sounds great. :slight_smile:

I prefer GLSL (cause of the light effects :wink: )

Currently I’m working at my racing game, so there is no time for another project yet.

Maybe there is time for a little project in future.

I have made this… http://yogyog.org/wiki/doku.php?id=franz_kafka_s_metamorphosis

I think as a linking thingy… SAME KEYS THROUGHOUT. that way you can quickly learn how to play each section.

as it’s unlikely I will make the rest of it, I guess I could put it into this multigame… unfortunately its made in blender 2.49 and python has changed slightly… What do you think?