Random click in the web page send me to the blendermarket.com website

Very minor issue :

I don’t know if anyone also have this weird issue where you click somewhere in the page here on blenderartist, and sometimes, it’s sending me directly to the blendermarket.com page, (It’s like the 8-9th time it’s happening to me so…)
So I thought it had something to do with the “bcon weekend flash sale” add we can see, but when it happend, my mouse is not even near where the ad is.

Is anyone else on pc experienting this ? also, it might also be my computer doing weird thing but I just wanted to know :thinking:


I could only imagine if are using an adblocker which is missing some html area and someone just don’t see any images… but the link remains… i’m not aware of any spyware/adware (on windows… but i’m on linux :smirk_cat:) which does relink any blender sites to any market sites…

(I think i saw this behaviour sometimes on other sides when you click on the left or right side which very very big advertising areas. Those sites where mainly done to allure “clicks” to get paid for the ads… mostly those also where garbage… so i don’t use them anymore anyway… except some buying sites which doesn’t have to use this and they alwasy advert me for the wrong things… :crazy_face:
I don’t think BA would ever do this…)

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I can’t reproduce this, sorry.

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Well I’m not using an ad-blocker, but as this is only a minor issue, I just wanted to know if there was anyone else in this situation, to maybe help with this, I myself can’t reproduce it consistently…

Cyber-Gremlins :melting_face:

Hi. I’ve actually experienced the described issue for quite a few years. I thought this was just a me issue and never bothered reporting it. Honestly a bit relieved I’m not the only individual experiencing the behavior.

I myself have noticed it occurs mostly:

  • Featured Row click → BlenderNation promotional link

I’ve also noticed that the issue happens mostly when the webpage is lagging (like with large renders/videos). Ten times out of ten I see the loading screen when I click, which ends with a new BlenderNation webpage redirect. Almost like the link is a file size fallback or something. Not sure.

Experienced the issues in latest Firefox, usually. Maybe it’s a browser issue?

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This is the Blender AdNet, which runs ads from BlenderNation. You can turn off ads on this site by becoming a commercial supporter on Patreon.
@Kazrarr , I think the new BlenderMarket ad above the toolbar has a bit of a buggy hit box, I’ve noticed the same thing.
@bartv I should mention, it is not hidden by being a commercial supporter. I don’t see any other ads but the above-toolbar banner is always there. I’ve disabled it for myself with some CSS tweaking, but thought you might want a heads up that it’s not included in the Patreon ad removal


Yeah this ad was a last minute thing as the BCON sale was announced only a few days before, and it wasn’t properly integrated with the Patreon thing…

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