Random crashing when batch rendering

For reference, I’m using blender 2.75 rc2, Cycles rendering, output 3840x2160 jpeg

I’m currently rendering a set of scenes using batch files which split up the load between multiple machines. The scene does not appear to be exhausting the resources of any of the machines (including one with 64gb ddr4 + titan x, which is also crashing randomly). The scenes being rendered, as well as their dependencies (multiple tiers of linked objects), are accessed via the network.

Thus far, this problem has only ever occurred when I use batch rendering; if I open the client on every machine and render without using batch files, everything seems to work.

I was unable to find any solutions to this problem, and further, I’m unable to ascertain any information as to why the program closes – although windows logs show nothing, which leads me to think the problem is contained within blender, yet since blender doesn’t seem to log events, I don’t know what is causing this abrupt shutdown.

Any ideas?