Random "Creases" in modelling?



I’m pretty new to modelling in blender so I don’t really know what’s causing this.
I’m trying to model a low poly rifle for a mod I’m making, but when I render it, it has random “creases” kinda like crumpled paper.


Blender has to break down quads and n-gons into triangles for the actual display, as it has to have some way of dealing with faces where the vertices aren’t co-planar.

You’ll probably want to set the mesh(es) to “shade smooth” via the search menu, then mark any edges you do want to be sharp via the shading tab in Edit Mode, and add an edge split modifier set to “sharp edges”.
This will set Blender to smooth the normals between the faces to avoid the creased look, unless you’ve specifically split that edge to avoid the smoothing.

(finalbarrage) #3

No dont use the edge split modifier, never use the edge split modifier.

Simply use sharp or smooth shading, no need to split the mesh, splitting was done back in 2002 when smoothing groups didnt exist for game engines.


I’ll concede the general point (as my experience is largely with engines that most people would consider obsolete today), but to say “never” obviously does depend on the exact game engine and how its model format actually works.

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I say Never to everyone, simply because by the time you will ever encounter that one time where its actually useful you will by then understand how it works, and why you should use it.

For him, at the stage hes at now, its a good rule of thumb to “never” use it.

Same with Ngons, i dont mind ngons, but its because i know the technical limitations and problems they might cause. I would tell a beginner to NEVER have ngons, cause by the time they will encounter scenarios where its practical to have ngons they would by then have learned how to use them.

There are a lot of “always” and “never” rules that are alright to teach beginners while in reality its mostly “use whatever, whenever”, as long as you get what you need.