random effect...thingy with particles

just fiddling around:



Oooh thats pretty cool!!

I agree! Looks like some sort of spell thingy!:slight_smile:
Thanks for the blend. I shall inspect it immediately.

ok, another one,
same file + particles

edit: not very good quality @ youtube, I’ll upload one myself as .avi in a sec.]

ok, here 'tis:
http://www.addertooth.net/images/0001_0040.avi (79k)

edit: it looks weird and blue in vlc, must be the codec.
It’s really the color of the other one in blender…

edit: I’m making more varients, make your own an post it! I’d like to see what others do with this effect…

I just added a few nodes and it looks soooo coool:evilgrin:
Where’s the best place to upload it?
Here’s a frame (looks cooler in animation though)

I’m pm’ing you, that looks really cool!

wow blendtail! that’s really cool.
you might consider posing a link so more than me knows how to view it.

I’ve been messing around using a point lamp animated upwards (with sphere set on) instead of a spot. I’m trying to get a more fire-like effect. I’ll post later

Once again, I don’t really know about this sort of stuff (ftp, etc.)
How would I go about posting a link to those files? How different is it different than a normal link?

its no differant than a normal link.
as I told you, the account has access to the directory /blenderartists
therefore, you can add that to the domain.
in your web browser go to

you will see your files.
your animation is at
and the .blend:

to explain:
it’s how the internet works. when you go to addertooth.net your web browser really goes to a text/html file at <my server mounted at addertooth.net>/public_html/index.html
in other words, what’s available online is just a directory, like in your pc.
ftp is a way of getting things there.

the url is just a directory listing,
it is no differant than c:/mystuff/blender/anim.avi, just that the domain name (addertooth.net) translates to myServer/public_html/

Oh, ok then, that’s simple:). Thanks.