Random faces are brightly colored; others match the grey of the 3D Viewport

Ok, I just downloaded this blend to use as a placeholder background asset in a test scene I’m working on. I appended just the “coat” and “coathanger” object meshes from that blend file into my project. Then, when I went into edit mode to make some modifications to the geometry, I noticed something strange…

The first thing that struck me were the bright colors. Does anyone know why some of the coat’s faces are colored that way? I thought at first it was weight painted, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, because in weight paint mode, everything is the default blue. Then, I noticed something listed under vertex colors in the object data; I hit the minus symbol to delete it, but nothing on the mesh changed.

The second thing I noticed was that all of the other faces had no shading (this is the solid view), and instead matched the shade of grey that is used as the background color for the 3D viewport, making them appear somewhat invisible.

I know you can sometimes encounter weird or unfamiliar stuff when looking into other users’ blend files (odd workspace setups, quirky logic brick systems or parenting schemes, etc…) but this is something I haven’t seen before. How can I get this mesh back to “normal”?

The above screenshots are from my blend file. In the original, going into edit mode looks like this:

This looks even more like weight painting, but again, I don’t see that anything has been weight painted when I go into that mode, so I’m just really confused…

Please NEVER crop your screenshots. You’re cutting away essential information in the user interface. With an uncropped screenshot we might have seen right away that “Mesh Analysis > Overhang” is enabled… Turn off the mesh analysis display if you don’t need it.


Ah, thanks a bunch! Mesh analysis is new to me… seems like a very useful tool.

And sorry for cropping; I’ll keep that in mind next time.