Random First Go at Blender


was the my first day at learning blender using the Blender wiki cookbook…

this is the result of 12 hours straight sitting around completing tutorials, enjoy:


And heres a second render, I gotta say Im pretty damn impressed with whats achievable now that I’ve got over that initial learning curve.

Its not bad for your first image, though I defiantly wouldn’t call it finished. Just a few suggestions:

  • Get rid of the blue background.
  • Work on the mesh topology around the penguins arm.
  • Use subserf and set smooth on the cannon barrel.
  • Work on the lighting and texturing.

why can’t i see the pics?

where are the images

That is a good question!!! I sspect Picasa has a rather low bandwidtch threshold.

Heres the link to the main pic again… (On picasa)

I shall rehost the files on image shack

yea, none of them are showing, so please do rehost them