Random Flow

Random Flow is a random mesh generator designed for fast and easy hard surface prototyping and concept art. This is the beta version with a lot more functionalities expected in the future.

Available in BlenderMarket and Gumroad

Watch the Youtube Video Playlist

Quickly create kitbash assets for concept art. Mix the functions to create even more shape variety.


I saw this " Random Flow Lite " in the Creative Bundle and “Random Flow” itself.
Are there any differences ? :smiley:

It’s in the docs. The ones with the * are not in the lite version and the ones with ** are only in the lite version.

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Next update goodies!


This is one of the most simple (yet powerful) add-ons to create sci-fi hull platings & greeble.

I can’t wait for the update!


Updated to version 1.1.0 with a lot more functionalities added.


Don’t be shy :wink: , don’t hesitate to inform publicly about changes in new versions:

Random Flow v1.1.0
Documentation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hQCdTMxPrK7eBxPPahKBwMevePuJz4wc/view?usp=sharing

  • Max values increased and uncapped. Manually enter a higher number to uncap and set new maximum.
  • Added Triangulate option in Random Extrude, Random Panels and Random Tubes. Tri Loop toggle in Random Extrude is only used for the Subdivide Faces solver.
  • Loop ratio in Random Extrude now uses 0-100% instead of 0-1.0.
  • Added Smooth Falloff for Random Extrude, Random Panels and Random Tubes.
  • Clip Center can now be toggled off per axis. Added symmetry smoothing per axis as well.
  • Clamp Overlap (Bevel) toggle in Random Tubes to clamp beveled points.
  • Removed Faces Only toggle in Random Extrude
  • Added Individual Panel Size toggle in Random Extrude. This allows for per loop object panel sizing.
  • Added Margin property in Random Panels. This creates spaces between the panel islands.
  • Added Bevel properties in Random Panels. This uses a min/max bevel offset value. Each point is a unique seed.
  • Set Origin Location property swapped. It’s now Negative | Positive.
  • Added Tag Verts operator which works in combination with Quad Slice.
  • Added Tagged in Origin property of Quad Slice. This limits the projected cuts from tagged vertices using the Tag Verts operator.
  • Remove Singles now renamed to Remove 2EV’seed
  • Added Remove Doubles in Quad Slice. This only affects geometry set in the Geometry property.
  • Removed Remove Face Doubles in Clean Up operator. Too unstable for Random Extrude.
  • Added Show Usage Info button which shows basic usage information. Can be toggled of in the add-on preferences.
  • Added “Use confirm menu for random operators” toggle in the add-on preferences. This enables you to use the confirm type redo pop-up menus instead which can use the static redo panel in the bottom left corner of the viewport. (See Redo Menu/Panel chapter in the documentation.)

Often, add-on developers add changelogs at the bottom of their Blendermarket/Gumroad page: https://www.blendermarket.com/products/retopoflow

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Really, this is the best addon around for adding details on hard surface objects. I bought it and I can confirm that it is so. Hope that it will evolve into an even more powerful tool.

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New video!


Add some bases -and even joints- for the pipes too please. It would add a lot of realism to them.

I do mean something as the ‘Piperator’ addon does:

It uses import objs something I wist to avoid. But this is todo in the future updates.

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